National level champion Santosh who has won seven gold medals for her performance in powerlifting is now forced to sell tea to feed her family.

According to an ANI report, Santosh had to quit the sport after getting injured during a training season. And since then she has been working at her father’s tea stall. She also works as a bouncer to earn her livelihood. The weightlifter hails from Sonipat, Haryana.

The powerlifter who has won several medals at national and state level seeks government’s support to come out of her shambolic situation. 

“I was injured while training and had to discontinue powerlifting. The government helped us with Rs. two lakh for the treatment when I got injured. I won many championships. I want the government to give me a job,” Santosh told ANI.

Santosh’s father, Rajendra Kumar said that the government grant they received after her daughter’s injury was all spent in her treatment.

“I have always supported my daughter. Never stopped her from following her dreams, but when she got injured then things were not in my hand. The government helped us, but that money was all spent in her treatment. Our situation is not that good. We are urging the government to give her job. Then I will get her married,” he added.

Feature Image: ANI