During the second Ashes Test, Australia looked in control after Smith had moved on to 80 holding the innings from one end on the fourth day. 

Source: News.com.au

Just when things looked solid, Smith was rattled by a Jofra Archer bouncer, which struck his unprotected neck causing a concussion injury. 

Smith fell to the ground in pain.

Source: India Today

While many didn't blame Archer, former Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar (an old master of bouncers) questioned the English pacer's sportsmanship. 

Source: Geo Super

Tweeting about his behaviour, Akthar believed Jofra Archer should have gone up to Smith to check on him after hitting him with a bouncer. 

Of course, what Akhtar said was right in the context of the game and it seemed there would be no further arguments until a certain Yuvraj Singh entered the fray. 

With a not-so-serious reply, Yuvi hit Akhtar out of the park, but this time, verbally. 

And people thought so too.

Well played, Yuvi.