In association with Pizza Hut

We all know that sports and food go hand in hand. But not quite like this! It so happened that Pizza Hut organised an event with Rannvijay Singha for a fun cricket challenge. While Rannvijay played like a pro, the fans that were gathered to watch him play got a surprise pizza treat from Pizza Hut who are known to delight their customers with surprises like these.

But hold on, the surprises didn’t end there. A bunch of Pizza Hut delivery boys arrived to deliver some yummy pan pizzas. While they stayed there too, to enjoy the match and watch the crowd immerse themselves in their favourite pan pizzas, one delivery boy came forward to try his hand on the field (‘coz clearly he thought he was better).

After a few deliberate failed attempts, he suddenly started nailing each ball thrown at him with that signature left-hand batting, we’ve all seen somewhere (suspicious much?) Well, no points for guessing though. It was Sourav Ganguly disguised as a pizza delivery guy who wanted to meet his fans and share some good ol’ pizza with them. 

I wonder why such happy coincidences don’t happen to me. And while I figure it out… go check out the video below.