The New Indian Express recently quoted a sports fan as saying, “Whenever I am not FIFA-ing, I have started going to my balcony to think about life… is it all worth without live sport?”. 

Everyone who is passionate about sports is feeling the same emotions more or less. You try and distract yourself, watch movies and stuff, but nothing comes even remotely close to the thrill of watching matches live. 

Now, we cannot really help you with that, but we have listed a few things you can watch, which will keep the sports buff in you busy and entertained for a few days.

1. Old cricket matches from the archives of the ICC.

Keeping in mind the fact that there is no live cricket happening, and chances are that it won’t, for some time – the International Cricket Council has decided to release full footage of matches and other stuff. Tell me now, if this isn’t a treat.

2. Football classics on FIFA’s YouTube channel.

Very much on the same lines, FIFA has decided to release videos of at least 30 World Cup matches on its YouTube channel. And which match gets premiered, will depend on the votes by the viewers. Two matches have already been uploaded on FIFA’s YouTube channel, and you can catch them there here.

3. Compilation videos released by international football clubs.

Of course there are tons of them already on the internet and chances are you have seen most. But the clubs are now releasing special content for the viewers. For instance, Barcelona just uploaded a video titled – TOP ASSISTS: Leo Messi’s best assists compilation.

4. The Test on Amazon Prime

Yes, it’s PR. Yes, the narrative is one-sided. But once you accept these things, The Test will be a very entertaining watch. It has been brilliantly made and even though it’s longish, it’s worth your time.

5. Free documentaries on YouTube.

Honestly, there is quite some brilliant content out there which you don’t have to spend a penny for. There’s Jurgen Klopp’s Journey To The KopRocky & Wrighty: From Brockley to the Big TimeFootball’s Greatest – Johan Cruyff – Documentary  and many more. These are all not very long and very good way to get nostalgic and learn more.

YouTube/Sport Hub

6. Greatest tennis matches in the modern history of the game on YouTube.

Grand Slams like Wimbledon and Australian Open have dedicated accounts where they upload full matches that you can revisit at peace, now that you have time. Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal 2007 Wimbledon FinalSerena Williams vs Venus Williams 2001 US Open Final and now that we have a hell lot of time, The Longest Match between John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut (which is 11 hours long).

YouTube/United States Tennis Association

7. Breakfast with Champions.

It has 6 seasons with 7-8 episodes on an average. You’re pretty much sorted for a few days as you listen to legends of the game telling team secrets, inside jokes and everything in between.

Of course there is a lot more on the internet and there are many other sports which we couldn’t cover here. But this should be a good start, in any case.