If you have ever wondered why people love sports so much, why we pay so much money to watch a game. Well, it is the only event on Earth, other than war, where even the people you expect nothing of, become heroes in moments of unscripted glory. And that’s why athletes are paid in millions. 

1. Connor McGregor (MMA) made Rs 5,82,26,130.89 each second spent in the Octagon. The Notorious competed for only 40 seconds in 2020. 

The Irish Times

2. Deontay Wilder (Boxing) earned Rs 13,28,568.13 per second. 


3. Paul Pogba (Football) took home Rs 45,737 every second he spent on a field. 

Premier League

4. Barcelona legend Lionel Messi (Football)didn’t play a lot the last year, but for every second he did, he took Rs 33,076 home. 

5. Tyson Fury (Boxing) got richer by Rs 10,64,074.58 every second he worked last year. 

Bloody Elbow

6. LeBron James (Basketball) took home Rs 16,336 every second he spent on a basketball court. 


7. Anthony Joshua (Boxing) earned Rs 76,6,133.75 every second he worked in a year that hardly saw any sporting events happen to begin with. 

Business Insider

8. Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins (American Football) earned Rs 68,977.38 every second for the 17 hours he spent on the field last season. 

Business Insider

9. Alexis Sanchez (Football) pocketed Rs 50,068.43 for playing about 9 hours last season. 


10. Brazilian maestro Neymar (Football) took home Rs 50,068.43 every second he was on a pitch, even when he was just rolling around. 


I don’t know how to feel about people getting this rich, man.