On Tuesday, at the Jaipal Singh Stadium in Ranchi, a 25-year-old national-level wrestler, Vishal Kumar Verma, died because of electrocution due to a short circuit at the dilapidated stadium building which houses the office of the Jharkhand State Wrestling Association (JSWA). 

This story has taken the entire country by storm. People are sad, shocked and all kinds of disgusted as to how an accident like this one can ever take place. 


This indoor stadium was built in 1978 and had been flooding with rainwater since the beginning of monsoon this year. The condition became even worse due to really heavy rains. Clearly, no action was taken to rectify that issue for a long time since it had been raining heavily for the past couple of weeks.  

The saddest part of this story — Vishal was actually trying to clear out the water using a pump when the incident took place. 

Who is to blame?

People took to Twitter to vent out their anger. One such user posted the image of the stadium in question and the state of the stadium will have your blood boil.  

People are obviously furious. A life has been lost because of govt’s apathy. 

After receiving flak from the general public, Sports Minister Vijay Goel took to Twitter to respond. 

While this nation expects gold at Olympics, the sad reality of how our sportsperson actually trains and the lack of infrastructure is beyond deplorable.