Stealing a set off Novak Djokovic on any given day would be a big accomplishment. Then stealing two sets, consecutively, in a Grand Slam final, at the age of 22, is a totally different ball game altogether. Literally. 

Stefanos Tsitsipas has a lot to take pride in, after yesterday’s French Open final. It’s a fact everyone knows.

What many don’t know are the circumstances he was playing under. Moments before the match started, Tsitsipas learned that his grandmother had passed away.

In an Instagram post shared after the final, he wrote:

5 minutes before entering the court my very beloved grandmother lost her battle with life. A wise woman whose faith in life, and willingness to give and provide can’t be compared to any other human being that I have ever met.

Further sharing her contribution to his life.

It’s important to have more people like her in this world. Because people like her make you come alive. They make you dream. I would like to say that regardless of the day, circumstance or situation, this is entirely dedicated to her, and only her. Thank you for raising my father. Without him, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Soon enough, love started flowing in for the Greek tennis star, who gave his all on the court on a very difficult day.

This was Tsitsipas’ best performance in a Grand Slam as this was the first time he reached the final at any of the 4 tournaments.

He did so by winning against Alexander Zverev in the semifinal. Meanwhile, Djokovic booked the ticket for the final by defeating 13-time winner and the defending champion Rafael Nadal, in a match that will be remembered for ages.

Tsitsipas has come a long way in his career already, and we know things are only going to get better from here. He is a good one, he will go far.