While under lockdown, it is highly important that all of us find ways to stay busy. So people cook, some watch TV, but if you are from Campus Univers Cascades in France, you do stunts!


That’s right. According to Deadline, this French school for stunt performers has put together a mashup video of several professionals choreographing fight sequences from’ the ‘safety’ of their homes as a part of their CUCchallenge. 

See, how the word safety was put in quotes there? Yeah, that’s because none of you should try this at home.  

They get punched, kicked, thrown only to retaliate on camera and play it forward for the next performer and then repeat the process. 

You can watch the video here: 

Of course, you get bonus points for using toilet paper and sanitizers. Also, watch the video with volume on. Nothing, and I mean, nothing beats the sound effects. 


Even Twitter seems to be havin fun with the video. 

I honestly can’t remember the last time, I actually enjoyed a video like this so much!