In an expected (and dare I say deserved) poll result conducted by Wisden, Rahul Dravid pipped Sachin Tendulkar to be declared the best Indian Test batsman in the last 50 years.

The competition was close, though. Sachin Tendulkar was in the lead for the longest time, before Dravid’s fans came from behind and made him win by 52% votes, as compared to Master Blaster’s 48%.

Now this started a huge debate on Twitter between Dravid and Sachin fans, as to which one of them is a better player. Here are some of the reactions.

The list also had Sunil Gavaskar at the 3rd spot and current captain Virat Kohli at the 4th.

A total of 11,400 people took part in the survey. 

Coming to the records, Sachin Tendulkar has the most runs in the format – 15921.

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While Dravid comes 4th worldwide, with 13288.

Meanwhile Sunil Gavaskar stands at number 12 with 10122 runs and Virat Kohli at 45 with 7240.

However, Kohli is not retiring any time soon and we might see him breaking all of the records mentioned above and create some new ones.

But coming back to Dravid, number 1 in Test cricket is a position reserved for him in our hearts, even if it goes to someone else on the record list.