David Warner smacked a six off a Mohammad Hafeez delivery that had bounced a couple of times before reaching him. Naturally, having grown up playing cricket in India, it took me by surprise when the umpire declared it a no-ball and gave away a free hit! 

See, it is universally known in the subcontinent that that was a dead ball. I hope I am not the only weirdo on the internet who thought this. 

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Because this is a major cultural shock. Two tappa was probably only allowed in one drop-one hand catches type games. I don't understand. Why is it a no-ball? 

Or was it always a no-ball? Did we not know about this? Like how as kids, we would all not accept pad-bat catches because we thought if the ball hit the legs first, then it's not out? I mean, I still know a dude who believes that!

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I looked on Twitter and yeah, I am not the only one who's confused about this. 

This dude gets it. 

Oh, and btw, upon doing some research, we realised that AB De Villiers had once been declared out on such a ball against Bangladesh. So, WTF!

Well, at least most of us are adults, so we'll probably be fine. But what about kids who have to play gully cricket? This is the biggest 'my life was a lie' moment of 2021. There are going to be some major rule changes in the streets of India today and I assure you, none of them will be peaceful. 

Kyunki ek Bittu, everyone knows a Bittu, will bowl a 2 tappa ball on purpose!

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There will be some older 'players' on the streets giving gyaan about the rules after reading Wikipedia articles. And those are the good people. Because most dudes will just WhatsApp forward the crap out of this. 

Source: Tenor