The what-ifs in sports have the tendency of haunting countries for decades. Some of them are never forgotten.

Hasan Ali's catch drop in the 19th over of the semi-final between Pakistan and Australia will likely become one of the above-mentioned what-ifs that will never be forgotten.

If the vicious trolling of him, partly because he married an Indian woman, is anything to go by. 

We would like to think, though, that some sense will prevail, as many people have already started standing up for him from both sides of the border.

In fact, #INDwithHasanAli is trending on Twitter as of now as Indians support the Pakistani player and the team for their efforts.

These events in cricket need to be looked at from a mature perspective. It's safe to assume he was trying his best to get his country over the line. Catches get dropped. Losses, in the long run, are inevitable.

One shouldn't be subjected to hate for this reason.