Like all of us, Shashi Tharoor was disappointed with India’s performance last night. That’s fair. However, it can be said that his quest for an answer as to WHY it happened was a bit…aggressive?

In a tweet, Tharoor said that he wants Virat Kohli to tell why India is not being able to play as per expectations in the World Cup.

Which is a bit premature request, if not borderline entitled. How is the captain supposed to answer that big a question just a few minutes after the game? 

There is so much that goes into an innings, it takes time to break things down and understand WHY things went wrong. It also takes time to heal from defeats. Some people on Twitter tried to explain that to Mr. Tharoor.

To become a part of the team’s success, while abandoning it or being rude towards it in the face of a loss is far from ideal. That’s not what true supporters do.