Pakistan’s match against Australia and David Warner’s six off a dead ball no-ball made us wonder if there were more such instances of weird bowls in cricket. And well, we weren’t disappointed. 

1. AB De Villiers tried to do what Warner did yesterday, but ended up scooping a catch off a ball that bounced twice before reaching him. 

2. Shane Warne’s ball of the century that got poor Mike Gatting. 

3. Whatever Mitchell Starc hit on that pitch that day, it made the ball move from leg stump to hit the top of the off-stump at 150 km/hr. 

4. Andre Adams gets Kumble clean bowled on the slowest bouncer you’ll ever see. 

5. Ashwin’s carrom ball in a T20 match that pitched half a metre outside leg and goes away to hit the off stump.

6. Lasith Malinga found the sweet spot on an otherwise dead pitch and took the bails of Sachin’s off stump.

7. Sreesanth was unplayable on his day as Jaques Kallis found out on this day. 

8. With 6 needed off the last ball to tie the match for NZ, Australian captain Greg Chappel asked is brother Trevor to bowl an underarm delivery on the last match of the game. 

9. While Lasith Malinga was deadly accurate with those yorkers, every now and then, one just slipped out of his arm. And on this occasion, it was the biggest wide you have ever seen.

10. Sachin bowls out Moin Khan through his legs with a googly on the last ball of the day, the spin on which nobody could explain. 

11. Mohammad Hafeez bowls something that bounces twice on its way to David Warner, who then tonks it for a massive six. 

It might have worked out for David Warner but boy oh boy, pretty much all of these suck for the batsmen!