The World T20 has been special for India right from the start. The tournament is not as old as other ICC events, but it has already given us many thrilling moments to cherish and some of them are listed below. Read on.

1. During the first T20 World Cup in 2007, the concept of super over was not introduced, so India and Pakistan, who had a tied match, went for ‘penalty bowl-out’. You have to watch the video if you don’t remember this from the tournament. Because Pakistan…you just watch.

2. Andrew Flintoff tried to get some reaction out of Yuvraj Singh by telling him, “I’m gonna cut your throat off”. That was obviously totally unnecessary, but that Flintoff realised much later when Yuvraj had successfully showered wrath on Stuart Broad, who was bowling the next over.

3. The final of the T20 World Cup, 2007, has been very well documented. So, chances are you already know what went down, even if you did not watch the match. In case you do not, here’s a recap.

4. The final over between India and South Africa, in 2012, was also a thriller, and not quoted enough for the kind of excitement it provided. Needing 14 runs off the last over to win, South Africa hit two 6s and still managed to lose. This was one of the instances which reminded you why Balaji was such a great asset for the team and the damage he was capable of causing on his day. India won the match by 1 run.

5. In another last-ball thriller, India beat Bangladesh in 2016 after the opposition needed 11 over from the final 6 balls, and at one point, 2 runs off the final 3 balls. However, thanks to MS Dhoni’s masterclass from behind the stumps, India won the match by 1 run again. Without any doubt, this is one of Hardik Pandya’s career highlights too.

Can’t wait for Sunday.