Come Sunday, India will be playing the much-anticipated match against Pakistan at the T20 World Cup. With bilateral clashes between the two sides becoming as rare as they have become, there is a lot to be nostalgic about. And today, we have chosen a topic that Pakistan will hope doesn’t become a problem this time around – the team’s fielding skills, or the lack thereof.

In no way is this an attempt to say Pakistan can’t play cricket. The country has given the sport some of the greatest fast bowlers, among other players, and that’s just a fact.

It’s just, sometimes something gets into these guys and they forget what they are on the field for. Here are a few examples of the same. It’s all too funny.

1. This, for instance, how do you explain THAT particular catch was dropped during an international cricket match? What were they waiting for? Whose signal? Hilarious.

2. On similar lines, just way more embarrassing, is this “bowl-out” from the 2007 T20 World Cup. Again, this is a team playing in the biggest tournament in the format, and not ONE of the bowlers could get the stumps?

3. On some occasions, they get existential in the middle of the match. It’s almost like, “What’s the point of any of this”? Our man Hafeez was certainly feeling the blues here when he decided to take a walk on the pitch.

4. Speaking of existentialism, I wonder how anyone gets any motivation to play when the fielders are butter-fingered to this extent. Even the opposition must find it difficult to find purpose.

5. Pakistan should get the award for the most generous opposition, that’s for sure.

6. *Cries in Dhoni*.

7. And just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

Must be painful for Pakistani cricket fans. We, on the other hand, find it immensely entertaining.