Sanjay Manjrekar had a good international career for about a good 10 years before he retired. And over the last decade or so, we have regularly seen him as a commentator on our TVs.ย 

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But here's the thing. A lot of people do not like his commentary. To put it mildly, people believe that his commentary leaves a lot to be desired.ย 

Okay, so those might be a bit harsh, but hey, this is a free country.ย 

The thing is, Manjrekar's commentary might have actually done wonders for some other people.ย ย 

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RJ Balaji would agree with that statement. Balaji who is covering the World Cup 2019 as a Tamil commentator actually went on air and said that even people from Gujarat have tuned into Star Sports Tamil when Manjrekar gets on air.ย 

That is not a joke. We thought it was when we went through Twitter during last night's game but damn, this is some serious shit.ย 

Source: Giphy

Balaji even jokingly said that he owed his new found wealth to Manjrekar, including his watch, coat and suit.ย 

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Well, at least Sanjay Manjrekar's commentary is working well for someone. There is always a silver lining, ain't there?ย