Remember how a tennis match got interrupted by a giant iguana recently? Well, take that and multiply it by 100 times for bizarre-ness, and you’ll arrive at what happened in Sarasota, Florida, during an ATP Challenger event.

A match between Francis Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger got stopped when loud sex noises started emanating out of nowhere. 

Yes, that really happened.

b”‘Did I just hear that?'”

A quite confused Tiafoe stops for a few minutes (at around 15 seconds into the video below) and breaks out laughing. Krueger, meanwhile, walks up to his kit, picks up a ball and smashes it in the general direction of where the noise is coming from. 

Well, that didn’t seem to work. Tiafoe, after a couple of points, turns towards the building and starts screaming “It cannot be that good!” to loud cheers from the stands.

The commentator, who initially thought it was coming from a phone of someone in the audience, realised what was going on and called it “the most bizarre” thing he’s heard. “An all-timer, folks,” he said.

But the most entertaining part of the video has got to be a concerned mother in the audience telling her kid to close her ears when this was unfolding.

b”‘This can’t be happening!'”

Watch the full video here:

We have seen it all, folks. We have seen it all.