Dear Virat,

When Sachin retired, I thought cricket for us was over.

The thing is… Sachin was already the best when most of us started watching.

We grew up praying for him.

We grew up depending on him.


But with you, we are witnessing that ascension.

With you, we are watching greatness unfold.

We are watching that same domination, that same spark.

That same roar from the crowd every time you walk out to bat.

A celebration of our own wicket falling, because we know you are to follow.

“Kohli! Kohli!” is our new favourite chant.

You are bringing back our childhood.

You are bringing back that feeling again.

The only reason people can hate you is if you don’t play for their team.

Because you are making a mockery out of bowling attacks.

You are making it look all too easy out there.

It’s like cricket was made for you.

You have us praying again.

You have us performing totkas again.

You have us scared again.

And most of all, you have the opponents in fear again.

And that is a wonderful feeling.

I never thought that the best batsman in the world would be a part of our team again.

But you are here and you are just getting better and better.

It is unbelievable to see you perform this way.

Again and again. Getting better every time.

For you, it’s like just another day in the office.

For so many of us who thought our childhood was over when Sachin retired, you proved us wrong.

We can’t thank you enough. India can’t thank you enough.

Cricket is an emotion again and you are the heartbeat.

We can proudly say that we were alive when Virat Kohli became the greatest.

We were there when a boy became a legend.

Thank you, Virat.