In a brilliant video recently posted on Instagram, ICC showed side-by-side comparison of the shot execution of some of the biggest male cricketing stars of today. 

On the left are the videos from their Under-19 World Cup days and on the right, there is a clip from more recent years.

It is fascinating to see how these players, all successful names now, have brought tiny changes to their game.

For instance, this is Joe Root going for a boundary – then, and now.

And here are Virat Kohli‘s videos from his U-19 World Cup days (India won that edition of the tournament) and now.

And then, there is Steve Smith.

The Under-19 Cricket World Cup is currently underway and India is going to play against England in the final.

This is the 4th consecutive time India have reached the final of the tournament and the country waits for the team to bring home the trophy. 

Looking forward to the before-after videos of the U-19 current players.