3 years is a long time to wait for an international century, especially when you are arguably the best cricketer to have played the game. Virat Kohli‘s search for a 100 has reached a point, where things are pretty much beyond anyone’s control. He obviously has the talent and while his form is not the best, it is also not so bad that a century would elude him for years.

As the former skipper misses out on the opportunity once again today, our fears are a bit heightened. The things below might reach 100 before Virat, though we are hoping they won’t.

1. Fuel price in Delhi

As of today, petrol costs ₹95.41/litre and diesel, ₹86.67. The way things are moving, both can soon be more than ₹100 and we are absolutely not waiting for that day.


2. Rupee value against Dollar

1 Dollar is equal to ₹76.76, which is crazy to think about, but speaking of centuries, Rupee has already touched that ‘milestone’ with the Pound. 1 Pound is equal to ₹100.8. Congrats.


3. Mukesh Ambani’s net worth

As per reports from the last month, Mukesh Ambani’s current net worth is $89.2 billion. He will reach the three-figure-mark very soon, I feel…and know.

The Economic Times

4. Number of times set max runs Sooryavansham in a month

I won’t be surprised if I am wrong about this and they already do run it 100 times. If anyone is keeping a count, let me know. Let’s keep an eye on Nayak also.

5. Number of old songs remixed by Tony Kakkar

I don’t know how to not make this personal but Tony Kakkar needs to stop remixing old songs. We want to hear new music…but not like Booty Shake, come on! 

Virat, it’s just a matter of time, you’ll get there very soon (please make it sooner than another remix. Please).