In the twilight of his career Roger Federer is on a roll that most athletes can only dream about. The 35-year-old, coming back to tennis after six months off in 2016, won the year’s first grand slam tournament and then to prove it was no fluke he’s gone and won two ATP Tournaments. 

And just to show how cool the man is, he’s got a new ad out. 

It features Federer practising with Federer-like intensity: 

And this irritating fan who just can’t stop praising him and clapping no matter how many times the player requests him to stay quiet:

But then the irritating fan turns out to be the world’s richest man Bill Gates. So obviously we’re all now ok with it: 

Sure, we hate Windows and the fact that the man has enough money to buy a country, but you can’t help but appreciate the fact that Gates was willing to subject himself to this. 

Check out the full ad for the upcoming charity match in Seattle here: