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In India, cricket is not just a sport but it’s a religion and, nothing can unite people of this nation like cricket. The ongoing cricket season has got people all excited and everyone is gushing over India’s win in the first two matches.    

Placing the bets on India lifting the cup, people are cheering, praying and doing every possible thing to bring their bit of luck to the Men In Blue!      

When it comes to our cricket fans, superstitious practices seems to be their remedy for a sure-shot win at every match. From placing the TV in a particular spot to wearing the one worn-out yet lucky jersey – Indian cricket fanatics do everything to show their love for the team. So, if you thought that you were the only weirdo following all those superstitions then you’re wrong ’cause we ALL do it!    

Taking all of us down the memory lane, this #2011Dobara video by Ariel proves how devoted we Indians are about cricket (and our lucky jerseys)…   

If you also have a lucky jersey which you wore during the 2011 match then it’s time to wear it again and cheer loudly for our team! I am sure the excitement you’ve had during that match has led you to stain your lucky jersey with the ketchup-dipped fingers. But, don’t you worry about the tough stains ’cause Ariel has got you covered! So, keep that lucky jersey bright and shiny this cricket season with Ariel, and watch this video to relive your #2011Dobara moments…                  

So, are you all set to cheer out loud wearing your lucky jersey?