We have all seen heart-touching moments on the field, but this one happened off it. During a break.

Lalventluangi, a volleyball player, was travelling with her kid for the game and in a picture that is now going viral, she can be seen breastfeeding the 7-month-old baby during the Mizoram State Games 2019.

Facebook/Ninglun Hanghal

The picture was shared by Ninglun Hanghal on Facebook, who accompanied it with text:

A stolen moment to feed her 7 month old baby in between a game was captured making it the picture mascot of the Mizoram State Games 2019. Lalventluangi, volleyball player from the Tuikum Volleyball Team got admitted into the Players Camp with her baby.

The post, which has received a lot of love from people, also mentions that the sports minister of the state, Robert Romawia Royte has decided to give Lalventluangi, ₹ 10,000 as a token of appreciation.

What an amazing moment.