Pakistan are basking in the glory after their win over India in the Champions Trophy final – their first ICC trophy in eight years. 

Needless to say, their fans were delirious, and willing to hit right back after suffering from taunts over how India is always better than them when it comes to winning important matches at international tournaments.

India obviously have their ‘mauka mauka’ and ‘baap baap hota hai’ taunts on social media and on television here as well, and while online banter is bearable, one crosses a line when you take it to the players – that too, immediately after a loss.

A Pakistani fan did exactly that when India’s players were walking back to their dressing room post their defeat in the final. 

“Akad toot gai hai teri Kohli saari haan, akad toot gai hai,” he first screamed at Kohli, but the Indian captain didn’t react.

But then the fan continued with his taunts… 

He said “Baap kaun hai,” multiple times as Mohammad Shami walked by – and the pacer was ready to confront him before MS Dhoni stepped in to douse the fire. The fan later said that he had said nothing wrong to Shami and that Indians should take the taunt on the chin just like Pakistanis have in the recent past.

Adrenaline can make one do stupid things but when it comes to players taking on fans, it’s almost always going to become a needless controversy for the former – even though sometimes it is understandable that players, who are also humans, will react, especially after a crushing defeat.

Pakistan were superlative in the final, scoring 338 runs in the first innings before bundling India out for just 158, crowning a historic achievement.

Feature image source: AFP (representational image)