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Chasing our dreams can be a tricky ride. It’s easy to feel inspired after watching a movie, but we all know that the real world operates somewhat differently. When it actually comes down to facing challenges, a lot of us give in to our limited belief systems and presume that maybe we’re just not good enough. And if not us, then there are the naysayers to bring us down. 

But while the real world is full of cynical people, it is also replete with examples of ones who never lost the vision of their true destiny just because of what society says to them. We are talking about the Indians going to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. These athletes wore their confidence like armour to stop the blinkered outlook of others. Today, as they represent India at Tokyo 2020, they are inspiring us to keep hustling and to never stop believing in ourselves. 

Saluting this undying spirit of the sports stars, Thums Up is asking us all to defeat every obstacle we face with their campaign #PalatDe. The brand has launched this crusade as an ode to all the athletes and their arduous journeys toward this pinnacle of sporting excellence while giving out a message of resilience. This is a reminder for all of us to not judge ourselves based on what other people think of us.

Establishing its strategic partnership with the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Thums Up is going all out to stand in solidarity and salute the exemplary courage that the real people, the athletes, have displayed. And while the brand does so, it is also reinforcing its longstanding commitment to refresh sports fans and enhance its consumer experiences.

”Small towns boys/girls can’t have big dreams.”

”Your disability will not allow you to be great.”

”Guns don’t suit girls.”

Waking up every day to these stigmas wasn’t easy, but these athletes overcame them all to become real heroes. With the #PalatDe campaign, Thums Up is also establishing the upside-down version of their logo, to give a thumbs down to this pessimistic world. The inspirational campaign tagline, Toofan wahi jo sab #PalatDe’ can be our cool new way of telling the world that nothing can stop the thunder in us from being triumphant. Check out this video which is all we needed to get our blood pumping with positivity.

As India gears up for yet another spectacular show at the Olympic games, let’s join Thums Up in cheering for our athletes. You can record and share your messages, videos, or posts for Team India on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just remember to use the #ThumsUp4India and tag @ThumsUpOfficial. 

So keep faith in yourself, buddy and never stop dreaming!