The Olympics cheer has all but died down and that’s understandable. India secured her highest-ever medal haul at the Games and we won a gold medal for the first time since 2008. 

However, as we look back at the events from the past month, let’s not lose focus on what lies ahead. 

The Paralympics started yesterday, on August 24, and for the first time, India has sent 54 para-athletes to the competition.

This includes Devendra Jhajharia, India’s two-time gold winner in javelin throw. This is a record at the highest level of competition and something we should all take a lot of pride in. 

It is also something we should definitely talk more about.

In the Rio Olympics, India won two gold medals, one silver, and one bronze, and the country will look to better the record this time around. 

This isn’t something unlikely because the number of para-athletes participating this time is 35 more than in 2016. 

India doesn’t have a history it can be proud of when it comes to supporting its para-athletes – who have had to fight for attention that should’ve come their way on its own. 

The Paralympians almost always end up remaining in the shadows of the Olympians, and that is a prejudice we need to get rid of.

Accomplishments don’t lose their importance because they belong to a disabled person. We must repeat it until it doesn’t need repeating.

As a “sports-loving nation”, we sometimes don’t do even the bare minimum to show our love for the Paralympians, and Tokyo Paralympics would be a good time to change that. 

We wish all the best to our para-athletes and are immensely proud of them already. Let the games begin!