For a very long time, people loved to pit Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma against each other. They’d say that the two have ego-tussle going on, they do not like the attention the other player gets. Honestly, it never made much sense, because there wasn’t any legitimate proof of that. Fast forward to today, we don’t think anyone can raise a question about their admiration for each other. Here are a few instances of Virat Kohli backing Rohit Sharma and vice versa. 

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1. Recently, Kapil Dev, among others, had suggested that Virat should be dropped from the T20I squad. Responding to that comment without taking any names, Rohit told the reporters:

I don’t know who the experts are. I don’t even understand why they are called experts. They are watching it from the outside, they don’t know what is going on inside. When some player has done so well consistently for so long, that can’t be written off in one or two series or one or two years. It takes people time to understand it completely, but those who are running the team know the importance of that quality.
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2. And then again, he stood up for Virat a few days later, and this time, noted that a player of the stature of Virat Kohli does not need reassurance. 

He has played so many matches. He is playing for so many years. He is such a great batsman so he does not need reassurance. Form goes up and down, that is part and parcel of any cricketer’s career. So a player like him, who has played for so many years… he only needs one or two good innings. 

3. However, these comments, made during India’s tour of England aren’t the only ones showing Rohit’s commitment towards his former captain. He has been backing Virat up for a long time. In December 2021, he rightly pointed out that Virat actually has a great average in T20Is (it was upwards of 70 in 2021), and that he deserves credit for that.

A batter of his quality is always needed in the squad. To have an average of 50 plus in the T20 format, it is crazy and unreal. Obviously, with the experience, he batted and bailed India out so many times from difficult situations

4. Now, Virat Kohli also did his part when he was the captain of the side and there were questions being raised on Rohit’s form. During one of the press conferences, a reporter had asked Kohli if Rohit should be dropped, and Virat got quite furious about it.

I am just asking you? Will you drop Rohit Sharma from T20 internationals? You will drop Rohit Sharma? You know what he did in the last game we played, unbelievable! If you want controversy, please tell me before so that I can answer accordingly.

5. It’s also the everyday things that show the camaraderie between the two, for instance, Virat Kohli appreciating this beautiful shot by Rohit Sharma.

Who isn’t a fan of Rohit’s cover drives, right?

6. Lastly, the scrutiny of Virat’s game is not even logical at this point, and Rohit Sharma was possibly the first prominent name to bring attention to that. He spoke directly to the media, and said:

He is in a very good space from what I can see and he has been part of the international team for more than a decade. He has spent so much time in international cricket that he knows how to handle pressure situations. So I think everything starts from you guys. If you guys can keep it quiet for a bit everything will fall in place.

We love to see it.