Sports can often get very rough, bringing out the not-so-gentle side of the athletes, but that’s just on the field. Outside the court, most of them are kind and have made their fans’ day on multiple occasions. Here, we look at some of them.

1. When Novak Djokovic invited the ball boy to sit with him, and even gave him a drink.

2. When Rafael Nadal rescued a kid from getting crushed in a crowd of fans at the US Open.

And then, he stood there with the kid and stroked his cheek to make him feel better.

3. When Messi made a video to show love to his 100-year-old fan, who has been writing down every goal of the Argentine star. 

4. When Ronaldo invited a 9-year-old boy who had cancer, to watch the game from the VIP box, and dedicated his goal to him.

The football star also paid for the kid’s entire treatment from that point on, but sadly he couldn’t be saved.

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5. When MS Dhoni went and met his elderly supporter after a CSK match.

6. When Roger Federer searched for and gave his headband to a young fan who was holding a sign that read, “Roger, can I have your headband?”.

7. When Naomi Osaka invited Coco Gauff to give an interview with her after the latter lost the game and started crying as a result.

8. When Virat Kohli obliged a kid who decided to give the cricketer his autograph.

9. When Neymar, along with Brazil football team, made a child’s day who was stopped by the security. The footballer invited the kid for pictures, a few moments later, and spent time with him.

10. When Roger Federer invited Beatriz, a cancer survivor, to watch Wimbledon and play with him.

See, there is no point in being a good player if you are not a good person.