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This Is The Toughest Sachin Tendulkar Quiz There Is. Call Yourself A Fan? Try & Ace This

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In India, we're all fans of Sachin Tendulkar. The man gave 24 years of his life to playing cricket for us. And he he achieved more than any mortal could have. In that spirit, we decided to have a little quiz about the Master to see how big of a Sachin fan you are. 

1. In 1989, during Sachin's first tour of Pakistan, Abdul Qadir got into an altercation with the Indian batsman. Sachin then went on to famously clobber him. How many runs did he hit in one over?

2. Initially Sachin wanted to be a fast bowler, but a great international cricketer advised him to give up the idea and focus on his batting. Who was this cricketer?

3. How many runs did Sachin score in his first ODI match?

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4. Sachin didn't want to become a cricketer growing up. What other sport was he interested in instead? 

5. In 1992, when Sachin scored 148 against Austalia in Sydney, it also marked the debut of another legend. Who was this player?

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6. What was the highest test score by Sachin Tendulkar in an innings?

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7. Sachin played in English county cricket in 1992. Which team did he represent?

8. How many nervous 90s does Sachin have in ODIs?

9. Against which country did Sachin score a match saving 119*, his first Test hundred?

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10. Which car did he get from legendary F1 racer, Michael Schumacher?

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11. What is the correct combination for highest score for Sachin in ODIs and Tests in that order?

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12. In 1998, Sachin got his best bowling figures of 5-32 at Kochi. Against which team did he achieve this feat? 

13. Sachin holds the record for scoring the most centuries in a calendar year. It was the year 1998. How many international centuries did he score during this time?

14. How many runs did Sachin score in the 2003 World Cup? 

15. Which bowler has dismissed Sachin the most in Test cricket? 

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