Karun Nair’s triple century against England may not have been enough for Virat Kohli to pick him over Ajinkya Rahane in the recent Test against Bangladesh, but that hasn’t dampened the batsman’s mood as he celebrated Valentine’s Day in style.

Not with a person though – but with a bright red Mustang he has just bought. 

There’s no mistaking it’s his as well – the number plate is customised, and says “KA 03 NA 303”. 

It’s pretty easy to decode – KA are the first two letters of his first name and NA are the first two of his last. 303 of course, is the score he made against England in Chennai to become only the second Indian triple-centurion (after Virender Sehwag). As for the 03 in the middle, our guess is that it stands for his third Test – the Test in which he got the landmark score.

Well if Chris Gayle can open an entire sports bar in Kingston named Triple Century 333, then Karun’s made a good start already.

He is in the 16-man squad set to face Australia in the four Test series that starts on 23 February.