With this, we have officially seen everything in 2020. 

If reports are to be believed, Lionel Messi has expressed the desire to leave Barcelona, the team he has won 4 Champions League trophies with. 

Messi has asked to leave on a free transfer, which is definitely going to make things trickier. For the uninitiated, his release clause ended in June, and he remains under contract till 2021. 

With things going downhill for a while now, speculations of his move from Barcelona were constantly being made. And the final nail on the coffin, proved to be Barca's 8-2 loss to Bayern earlier this month. 

While this opens up a lot of avenues for Messi, it is being said that he is in talks with Manchester City bosses as of now. 

Having said that, only time can tell what will happen. But Messi leaving Barcelona has sent social media on a frenzy, as you'd expect and here are some of the reactions on the same.

In 16 years with Barcelona senior team, Messi went on from becoming a prodigy, to a legend and GOAT -  but the only thing that never changed was the name on the front of his jersey. 

Guess this had to happen some day. Truly the end of an era.