Every kid in the Indian subcontinent has at least once imagined hitting a six to win the World Cup. Cricket is just in our blood. We emulate our heroes, be it Dhoni or Yuvraj or Kohli for this generation of children and we dream. But few of us have the talent to make it come true. But this child, he’s special. 


SK Umair is a kid from Pakistan, who is being called Chhota Yuvraj Singh on Twitter. And for good reasons. Check out his batting yourself. 

Ooof! That backlift, that perfect swing of the ball, the position of the elbow and god, that little head is so still! It’s picture-perfect, very Yuvraj Singh. Most of us can only wish to be this natural a batsman at that age!

Even Twitter, which is almost always divided, agrees on this. 

You can watch all his videos on his YouTube channel. It’s unreal!