Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Serena Williams recently lost the US Open final to 20-year-old Naomi Osaka in a highly controversial final

As the debate over Serena’s behaviour continues, Australian cartoonist Mark Knight has started a new discussion on social media with his caricature of the American tennis legend. 

Many of Serena’s supporters and friends, jumped in to defend her and called out the racial nature of the cartoon. 

Designer Masaba Gupta also wrote a post, slamming the cartoonist, and said that she is ‘done with the exaggeration of black women in shape, form & mannerism’.

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That’s exactly right,Mark knight. If it wasn’t coming from such a dark,sad place…it was damn right. I am done with the exaggeration of black women in shape,form & mannerism. This is exactly who we all are. Tough,unapologetic & not afraid of being compared with men. Did someone tell you that aggression was reserved only for men? Or that women are meant to be more ‘elegant’ or ‘delicate’ about their displeasure? This is not misrepresentation,it is power.Ofcourse,I am biased and why shouldn’t I be for someone who has had to endure so much to get here? First,I stand for Naomi Osaka who beat her childhood icon at the US open,at the age of 20. And then, I stand for the racket busting,angry-young woman in the tutu who you are purely intimidated by,because she could crush your skull like that racket lying beneath her. This is not an angry late-night rant,this is exactly how the elegant,polished & powerful women of this day & age feel.

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While some people agreed with what Masaba had to say, others had a totally different opinion about what happened in the match and her depiction in the cartoon. 

A lot of people on Twitter were also of the opinion that the cartoon wasn’t racist.

Serena’s verbal altercation with the umpire during the match was followed by divided reactions, with some people supporting her behaviour, while others accusing her of being wrong and stealing Osaka’s spotlight.

Discussions and debates around this topic don’t seem to be ending any time soon.