We have seen many things on a football field, but with this, I think we have seen it all.

As most players writhe in pain (or at least act like it), on slightest nudge, a Scottish footballer reattached her dislocated knee and went on to play the game like nothing happened.

That sentence is not made up and there is video evidence for the same. Watch at your own risk.

Jane O’Toole, the captain of St Mirren WFC, dislocated her knee after a fall during her team's match against Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

And the next thing you know, she is slamming it back into place.

And then, she is playing again.

She was assisted by medics and she went on to play for another 40 minutes, which didn't quite prove to be worth it because her team lost 7-0.

Her dedication, though, is winning her applause on the internet as people are still in disbelief over what she did.

Can women athletes now get equal pay buddy?