What’s the strongest thing on Earth? Among a few other contenders, there’s Indian cricket team on home ground. 

I am not saying it, the numbers are. With the victory in second Test against South Africa today, team India now tops the list of most number of Test series wins at home.

This is our 11th consecutive Test series victory, which is now a new world record.

Winning the match by an innings and 137 runs, Kohli and his men have maintained a 100 per cent record in the World Test Championship and if that doesn’t warrant them respect, I don’t know what will.

Coming to the man of the hour Virat Kohli, who was playing his 50th Test match as a captain. He broke many personal and team records in the process of winning the match and people just can’t appreciate him enough. 

However, typical to his nature, he says he is far from satisfied and that resting isn’t an option for him or the team. 

We were No 7 when we started out. The only way was up. We decided to work hard in every practice session. Really proud of the team. We’re not going to let the foot of the gas in the third Test. No one’s going to relax. That’s a guarantee.

Remember THIS team, it’s on the way to world domination (oh wait, that has already been done).