Ending on the second last ball of the game, India’s match against Afghanistan was thrilling to say the least, and we all know it. 

Also, we know that India’s batting performance was sub-par that day. Now, while the conversation around it died eventually because we won the match, MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav did get a lot of criticism after India’s innings.

India Today

Dhoni, especially, because of expectations attached with his name. The criticism didn’t just come from the viewers, though – it also came from the legend of the game Sachin Tendulkar. 


Speaking about the clash, Sachin told India Today:

I felt slightly disappointed, it could have been much better. I was also not happy with the partnership between Kedar and Dhoni, it was very slow. We batted 34 overs of spin bowling and scored 119 runs. This was one area where we didn’t look comfortable at all. There was no positive intent.

While further adding:

There were more than 2-3 dot balls. After Virat got out in the 38th over and till the 45th over we hadn’t scored many runs. There were not enough outings for the middle order batsmen till now and that put pressure on them. But the intent could have been much better by the middle order batsmen.
Times of India

This comment from the Master Blaster divided Twitter, with people starting an intense stats-fight among themselves.

There were also some people who said that Sachin and Dhoni are both legends, and the fight between who is better among the two doesn’t make sense. 

Well, that went out of hand.