It’s true that after the humiliation of the last match, the chances of India making a comeback seemed bleak. But if we can go from a near-win position to our lowest Test innings total, the opposite can happen too. 

You know that much after watching cricket for a long time. If you have played cricket, that belief grows stronger. 

Except in Michael Vaughan’s case, who predicted that the India vs Australia series will be a whitewash in favour of the hosts. 

Too early, too arrogant is how I’d define it, because we won the second Test today, leveling the series 1-1 quite comfortably and without big names, including that of our regular captain. 

Ajinkya Rahane, with his brilliant 100 in the first innings, led from the front and thanks to amazing team effort, India turned things around much to our relief and Vaughan’s insult. 

I mean, we don’t let these things go, and for once that seems legit. Vaughan’s tweet is now being reshared by the Indians as they remind him why it’s important not to rush to conclusions. 

In Mahi’s words, “Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete”.