Women’s football is not competitive.

If I got a dollar for the number of times I have heard this being said directly or being implied, I’d be watching the Women’s World Cup in France.

I don’t know what someone’s definition of ‘competitive’ is but 13 goals in one match will make the cut in any given scenario.

Yeah, the US national football team scored Thirteen goals in one match against Thailand while conceding ZERO.

As put in contrast by CNN, these were the results of US men’s team in last 3 World Cups outings.

2 goals in 2006.

5 goals in 2010.

5 goals in 2014.

0 goals in 2018. Because they did not particpate.

Why am I bringing the male team in the narrative of women’s team’s performance? Because the vice versa is very rampant when things like pay and investment are discussed. 

While we are on the topic, let’s also look at the records made and broken by them in this one match:

1. Most goals scored by a team in a World Cup match – for both genders. 

2. Largest margin of victory in a World Cup game.
3. Most goals scored by a player in a World Cup game.
4. Most individual goal scorers in one Women’s World Cup game.

After all this, if you are still going to tell me their games don’t deserve to be followed, I will look at it as your loss. Completely.

If nothing else, this World Cup will at least put a lot of things into perspective. Looking at you, equal pay.