Okay, everyone, it’s time to cry a little. 

5 years ago, a young tennis player Izyan Ahmad attended a press conference where he got to ask a question to Roger Federer. Grabbing the opportunity with both hands, he asked something that was sort of, like, a request and also, wishful thinking. 

Can you please continue to play for eight-nine years so that I can play you when I go pro?

In response, Federer smiled and said:


He then went on to make an all-important “pinky promise”. 

Cut to, 2022. Ahmad (who goes by the name Zizou) is in Zurich, where he ‘thinks’, he is going to train for a few days. However, he is taken by surprise when a restaurant staff member, who was wearing a shirt with his face, asks him for a selfie.

She says she is his biggest fan and Zizou feels that’s too good to be true. While he is trying to process all this, a group of kids starts chanting his name, and now it has gotten way too strange. Something is definitely up, but he just waves to the crowd, clueless as to what is going to happen next.

Zizou steps onto the court amid the chants and is informed he is required to play a match against a “worthy opponent”. You know who that is. Federer steps in, swinging his racquet, as Zizou looks on in astonishment. He is understandably overwhelmed and can barely talk. He keeps saying thank you.

When he addresses the legend as “Mr. Federer”, he is quickly corrected – “Roger”. 

Zizou, the US number 1 in the age 12 bracket, then plays a match with Federer and gets a few compliments for his shots.

This whole thing was organised by the food company Brilla, and it was a job well done. Here are some of the people’s reactions to it.

We have learned two things from this – you should always shoot your shot, and that Federer really loves a good prank. You can watch the entire video here: