New Delhi: After weeks of trash-talking, it just took three rounds inside the ring for Vijender Singh to end the challenge of Tanzanian Francis Cheka.

With a technical knock-out 1 minute 56 seconds into the third round, Vijender retained his WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title in style.

He continues to remain unbeaten after his 8th professional fight.

Starting off cautiously, Vijender allowed Cheka to come swinging at him in the early stages of the first round as he was gauging the Tanzanian’s strengths. Mid-way through that round, Vijender landed his first big punch of the night — a right jab at Cheka’s face. On the whistle to signal the end of round one, Vijender landed another right punch that brought the crowd alive.

Second round is where the fight technically started unravelling for Cheka. After a series of soft lefts, Vijender landed another big right on Cheka’s face — one that eventually led to his TKO in the third round as he was left reeling from the effects of that punch.

Vijender even took the chance to showboat, pulling off some fancy footwork and elaborate evasions as he knew the fight was about to end soon.

Here’s some initial reaction to Vijender’s incredible win:

And of course, Virender Sehwag had something interesting to say about the win.