Virat Kohli abusing on the field is neither new nor surprising. But it is amusing, almost always. For instance, during the first T20 between India and West Indies, the former captain had to tell the team the ball brushed against the batsman’s posterior before going for a DRS review, and his choice of words was:

G**d par lagi hai ball.

I could think of a couple of other ways this could have been phrased but then that’s me. Kohli is, well, Kohli. The internet is having a great time with this thing, even as the players seemed unfazed (understandably, they are always with him). 

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter as the video went viral soon.

Meanwhile, some people seem to suggest that he said ‘guard’. I mean, could be. But it can totally not be as well, given Virat’s history. Guess we will never know. 

Anyway, India eventually lost the DRS because the original decision of the umpire of not out for the batsman was correct.

We did, however, win the match by 6 wickets and are now leading the 3-match series, 1-0. All said and done, we missed seeing Virat Kohli in his element.