Virat Kohli has always been an aggressive player. 

When on the field, he doesn’t make a lot of effort to hide his passion.


At all.


He’s an aggressive player, that’s just the way he is and yesterday was no different. 

India is playing its second match of the ongoing Test series against South Africa, having already lost the first. 

Hindustan Times

The match is crucial and it isn’t surprising that the captain is desperate to win. 

And in desperation and adrenaline rush, he ended up swearing, like we’ve seen him doing before.

Only this time, it was caught on stump mic.

Talking to partner Murali Vijay, Kohli said, “Shaam tak khelenge toh unki g*** phat jaayegi.”

And as you’d expect, Twitter reacted the way it always does. 

All we can say is that things didn’t go the way Virat had planned but here’s hoping India gets back on track.