Ahmed Shahzad is a thing of the past. India has its own Virat Kohli lookalike now!

Taking cricket fandom to an altogether new high is this lad hailing from Hyderabad. Prashanth is a computer science student from Andhra Pradesh, but his claim to fame is his uncanny resemblance to Indian cricket vice-captain Virat Kohli. 

Don’t believe me? See for yourself

Will the real Virat please stand up?

Striking a similar pose

If you thought the haircut was amiss, he has that sorted too!

It’s hard telling them apart!

He’s getting a lot of love and adulation for bearing a resemblance to the VC.

Same same but different

Holy mother of God! 

All images via Prashanth’s FB. 

The resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?