The pandemic has made many of us reconsider our life choices and approach towards fitness. But only those who have actually tried it out, know that getting fit takes an insane amount of effort. 

Enter: Virat Kohli. The guy has been so committed to getting fit, that some things from his regime are almost impossible to believe. Here are a few of them.

1. When he started giving attention to fitness a few years ago, he used workout for one-and-a-half-hour every day and had given up completely on gluten, wheat, aerated drinks, and sweets. 

Or as he puts it, he used to have ‘nothing’ which could hamper with his fitness. 

2. He has a different type of exercise plan for off-season because there is absolutely no taking breaks. When he is not playing cricket, he focuses on building muscle mass and strengthening legs and back.

3. He has very strict diet rules like never drinking packaged fruit juice and carrying healthy snacks with him all the time to curb cravings and, as reports suggest, only having grilled or boiled food. 

India Today

4. There are some other reports which suggest that he has his water imported from France. The company is called Evian and the bottle costs approximately ₹600-per-bottle.

Apparently, the water doesn’t undergo any chemical processing and is ‘completely natural’. 

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5. This is Virat’s basic exercise routine (he obviously does more), in case you wanted inspiration and inferiority complex.

1. Bike: 15 minutes at level 3 and RPM of 120.

2. Treadmill: Ten 20-second-strides. He repeats this 10 times and opts for 19 kilometer/her speed. 

6. In addition to those mentioned above, he also does these exercises, among others:

Weight-lifting, cross-training (playing sports other than cricket) and Yoga. 

Times of India

7. We don’t know what’s the status now, but in 2017 he revealed that he hadn’t eaten butter chicken and naan in 4 years. 

That takes some commitment, right? Personally speaking, I’d want a plate the moment someone tells me I can’t have something. But then again, I am a normal human, so…

8. There are no cheat days in Virat’s dictionary. 

At least not as we know them. Virat has a strict policy of not ruining the week’s hard-work and self-control by having a big fat meal in the end. So he suggests

I always prefer a protein-rich sandwich over a burger. A rest day cannot be a cheat day that negates whatever you have achieved during the week; small quantities of whatever you crave, eaten slowly, works best.
Deccan Chronicle

9. He works out 5 days a week, without a miss and his exercises look something like this:

And this (read the caption).

10. While exercising, he likes to focus on his lower body because of the requirement of the sport. That means he has to do up to a HUNDRED squats in ONE set.

Just wanna go and hug him, honestly. 

India TV

They call him a ‘beast’ for a reason.