Indian sports legends Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri sat down for a Instagram live chat today and things were a little different than one would expect. You would think they'd talk about representing India, workout schedule and demands of their respective sports.

Well, yeah, they did that obviously but mostly their conversation was a reminder that down below, they are just like us: Very desi.

This, for instance. Who would have thought that the richest athletes in the country still use these desi tricks because kuch bhi waste nahin hona chahiye.

And that they miss the same shows as we do. 

Chhetri was listing some of those serials when Virat passionately said this.

The two also talked about the DTC buses they used to take to reach training ground. Chhetri asked Virat if he had ever tried to get a ride without buying a ticket and Virat said he didn't have the 'personality for it'.

On the cricket front, this is what Virat had to say about one of the greatest revenge moments in Indian sports.

And lastly, Chhetri told Virat this story about the time when he wanted to run away from home.

Ek baar meri mom ne mujhe poora soot diya. Main gussa ho gaya aur ghar chhod diya 20 rupay leke. Phir yaad aaya ye toh khatam ho jaayenge toh main waapas aa gaya. 

That is exactly when Virat's mom called him. He picked up the phone mid-chat, told her he was shooting with Chhetri and she was like, "Airports pe rules relax ho gaye hain, tum aa sakte ho".


There were many such moments in the live that you can enjoy here. Chhetri says soot diya for a beating, what else do you want to hear?