No really, sorry Anushka, you might have to do some DTR because our boy Virat seems to love chole bhature more than anything else in this world.

And this isn’t just a vague assumption we are making. We have proof. 

Free Press Journal

He thinks about chole bhature all the time. Even while playing. 

Now, that’s something right? Virat has been declared the greatest cricketer of this decade and you’d think his focus is unshakable. Well it is, but he is human after all and has some weaknesses. ‘A’ weakness: His favourite food.

He describes chole bhature like great poets describe love.

Remember the time when he came on Breakfast with Champions and got talking about one thing he’d have on a cheat day (which virtually doesn’t exist)? These were Virat’s exact words – the beauty is in the detail:

Rajouri Garden mein Ram ke chole bhature. 110 per cent, wo bhi uski dukaan ke paas jaake. Ghar aate aate wo bhature nahin rehte, wo fature ho jaate hain. Taaze bhature jo aate hain, jin mein ungli maar do toh bhature neeche ho jaye…waise waale. 

Speaking of ‘cheat days’, Virat totally seems to be cheating on Anushka with chole bhature.

I mean, not technically if she is also indulging, but he could be acting manipulative. We will never know. In a recent interview, he said:

We had chole bhature in Delhi one day and after two hours we went to gym and smashed it.

He remembers every ‘encounter’ with chole bhature. His last, probably first too.

Back in 2018, he told The Week, that he last ate chole bhature August 15, 2015, and it was just a bite.

India Today

Even when chole bhature are being elusive, he finds his way to them.

In an interview given to Curly Tales, Kohli said that his sister-in-law told him about a very nice restaurant ‘Civil Line Wala’ in MG Road that served his favourite dish. However, she added that it closed. Not the one to give up, Virat called the number and found out that that particular outlet was closed, and a new one opened in Sector 15, Gurugram.

He then sent his driver and got the delicacy home.

So, I think we can safely conclude that nothing can replace chole bhature for Virat, and honestly, it’s totally legit.