Wahab Riaz was touted to be one of the best left-arm seamers of his generation. He has the pace and the skill to beat any batsman on his day.

Remember his spell against Australia in the 2015 World Cup? 


But injuries and erratic form have hindered his progress. 

Currently, Pakistan is playing a series against Sri Lanka and are trailing them by 1-0. The 2nd Test is ongoing and Pakistan will be chasing a target soon, trying to square the series.

But what really took the spotlight was this:

Yes, he really did take 5 minutes to deliver one ball. The reactions from his captain and coach make it very evident that these were very frustrating 5 minutes. 

While they reacted on camera, here’s how fans reacted on Twitter:

He hasn’t had a very memorable year. He also holds the record for the most number of no balls per match. After this incident, Samaa TV in Pakistan ran the headline: ‘Wahab Riaz forgets how to bowl’.

Let’s just hope he gets back to the heights we know he’s capable of.