While the news might have stopped showing the Black Lives Matters protests, the discussions round it are far from over. 


Almost every major sporting event that has restarted has taken a stand, be it the Grand Prix or Football. This time it was cricket’s turn. 

West Indian legend Michael Holding spoke about racism at length during the 1st Test between England and West Indies. 

He also spoke about the whitewashing of religion. 

That lady in Central Park, New York, Amy Cooper, her name was. If she didn’t have in her DNA, the thought process that she was white, that man was black, and if she called the police, 9/10 times, he would be white and she would be considered right immediately and… by the time the black guy proves that he’s not guilty, he might be dead. 

Holding then went on to talk about the importance of education and it was the only thing that could help communities, black, white and others, to truly change. 

You can watch the whole video here: 

Former English captain Nasser Hussain also spoke about how the murder of George Floyd affected him and people needed to keep the discussion alive.

You can watch him talk about it here: 

Earlier Sky Sports had also released a video featuring Michael Holding and English cricketer Ebony Rainford-Brent talking about systemic racism in the world and how they still had to face it whenever they played the sport. 

It is quite refreshing to see cricketers take a stand against racial injustice despite the opposition they might face from their fans.