Drama is as big a part of the IPL, as cricket itself and here a few moments from the past editions that were bizarre to say the least. Since some time has passed, you may have forgotten about them, so here we take a look.  

1. When the umpires were presented with apples before they were given the ball at the start of a match between KKR and Rising Pune Supegiants in 2017. 

This was offensive, pointless and very quirky in an overconfident person’s head. Sigh. 


2. When Kieron Pollard put a tape on his mouth when he was asked by the umpires to keep it down with Chris Gayle, who was playing at the opposite end.

This happened back in 2015, during a match between Mumbai Indians and RCB. It was  amusing then and it’s amusing now.

Times of India

3. When Rashid Khan got out twice with one delivery in 2020.

Twice may be the wrong way to put it. Basically, he got dismissed in two ways in one ball. He managed to hit his own wicket with his foot before he send the ball flying to the fielder’s hand, who caught him near the ropes.

Cricket Times

4. When Matthew Hayden came to the crease with his ‘mongoose bat’, which looks like this.


This happened in 2010, and Hayden actually managed to score 93 off 43 balls, so you know it was a good decision. Years later, he shared that MS Dhoni told him, “I’ll give you anything you want in life, to not use this bat! Please do not use this bat!”. Hilarious.

Sportz Craazy

5. When the ball went missing during a Punjab vs RCB game in 2019. This went on for way too long for a professional IPL match, leaving the viewers and the batsmen in splits. 

The bowler was not impressed, though.

6. When Chris Gayle started chasing the spider cam, much to the amusement of the viewers.

They call it reality show of cricket for a reason.