In what has turned out to be the most unbelievable turn of events, French World Cup winner Paul Pogba‘s brother Mathias Pogba has accused him of using witchcraft against teammate Kylian Mbappé. He made this ‘revelation’ in a video posted on social media, in which he said that there is a lot he can still expose about his brother.

Mathias levied some big accusations against Paul, adding that he almost died in 2018 because of the French footballer. 

Paul Pogba and Mathias

In response, Paul Pogba’s legal team released a statement, which only gave Mathias another reason to go public about his anger. A report by Get French Football News, quoted him as saying:

Hahahaha, what I expected to happen has happened: my little brother is finally starting to show his true face. Since it was he who started talking, lying to the police and who brought out the information, you can’t blame me. Now it’s true, my version of the facts actually happened and unlike you (Paul), I have enough to prove my words and your lies.
Paul Pogba

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. The actual case is much bigger. 

After Mathias uploaded the video, Pogba accused him and some childhood friends of trying to extort money from him by holding him on gunpoint. Reportedly, the group demanded 13 million euros for not being supportive enough after becoming a star. This was Paul’s statement.

The recent declarations of Mathias Pogba on social media are unfortunately not a surprise. They are coming after threats and attempts of extortion by an organised gang against Paul Pogba.

The matter is currently under investigation and the internet is suitably shocked by the whole incident.

How to process this?!